I hate to post such things when we’ve got many years of waiting to do.  At this point, anyone can say anything.  Regardless I’ll guess I’ll post it anyways, but keep in mind that this (unlike the Sims 4 being worked on previously by an EA employee) doesn’t really have any merit behind it – it’s just speculation at this point.

InfiniteSims picked up on an update by O Sim Louco who was able to ‘contact someone’ about TS4.  It appears they are tossing around the idea to include online aspects much like The Sims Online had.  Right now, it’s merely ideas – we don’t know for sure…but I think one of these days The Sims will find its way back to online gaming.  You can only expand it so much graphic wise and idea wise.  It’s one feature they should consider re-exploring again.  The Sims Online was just too early for it’s time I suppose (and a tad boring).  The only thing I hate about this is the monthly payments – especially if we had to give EA our money.  This may be 1 game I’ll own that I’ll probably never play if that’s the case.

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I don’t mind getting Sims 4, but I hope it is an option for it to be online. I did not get The Sims Online because I am not interested to chat with people online. It is not my cup of tea. If Sims 4 is an online game that it is required similar to The Sims Online, then I am not getting it.


This is such a great idea!!!! I miss the Sims Online so so much!!!!


Oh. My. God! *Mouth Drops In Amazement* I have been waiting for the online feature to come back! I loved the original The Sims Online, it was so much fun, and if they bring it back, who knows what new features they’ll have! Although this is just a rumor, I’m already stoked for TS4 haha! But, would it be required to use the online feature, or do you think there will be a way for it to be an option to the gamer? For those who only want to play the game and not pay for an online feature?


Hmm.. this could be REALLY good or REALLY bad– depends on how it is set up. ^_^ If I’m not mistaken, Sims Online failed for a variety of reasons; mainly due to the online economy as well as the small range of activities. I personally love MMOs that emphasize a sort of “background lifestyle” such as skills (or traits in this case), homes, and things such as cooking, sewing, woodworking; you know, hobbies and such. I also enjoy the aspect of having jobs; the idea of an “interworking community” could be marvelously executed in Online form, however. Ambitions seems to also lean to this, with Architects being able to change other sims’ houses (useful in online gameplay when 1 player wants to help another player with their house) or fashionistas who can change other sims’ styles (useful when 1 player wants to help another) all the while your sims get paid to do this. 😀 It could work marvelously, or it could be exploited and abused massively– it all depends on the system. o_o


If it’s online, it better be optional. I don’t want to buy a game that I can’t play unless I pay. Online play would be awesome though!


I could see this happening maybe…. EA gets asked this question A LOT and they always shoot it down immediately this means 2 things
1. They honestly will never go back to online
2. This is there next big project and they want to keep it underwraps

The MMO field does feel like a natural thing for Sims but it should be kept OUT of the regular franchise, I wouldn’t the monthly payments


I agree. I wouldn’t pay the monthly payments either. And imagine the mess it would make of the CC community! I think if this is a possibility it should be a spin off. Some limited online activities in TS4 might be cool though, like a totally optional online component. But CC would still present a issue there.

TS4 Fail !!! no one would pay regurly
any ways EA is the starting of EAting so EA is a money eater lol SIMple wright ( will wright)


Well, EA are saying that all game will have online aspects. However, maybe they got mixed up and were talking about the online aspect of The Sims 3 on console.


That could be a possibility. They should probably test this idea out on a console game first before taking it to PC and see how the gamers respond to it.


Well if they go online then they will lose me as a player. I hate online games. Also they aren’t proving as popular as some would have you think, look at Cities XL which should have been a big hit and yet is slowly dying out!

There is so much more they can do with the standalone game yet. Give us an entire world to build on. Allow our Sims to evolve over generations. Give us photo realistic graphics. Add Touch screen interaction. Basically, make the Sims a 100% accurate Simulation of a world. Optional, Expansion Packs could add in SimCity like functionality such as zoning, and taxes and traffic management.

There’s a lot more that I want to see in The Sims Standalone…


I enjoyed The Sims Online – While it lasted :’-( .Except for the subscription fees as you mentioned. But if you think about it, there are tons of games these days that have online multiplayer and they’re all free – So I see no reason as to why EA wouldn’t make part of The Sims 4 a free online multiplayer.

(By the way, didn’t someone at EA demand all games have online functionality and some form of DLC as of 2011? “The Sims 3 on Console” maybe similar to The Sims Bustin’ Out with it’s online multiplayer)


If Ea did this…they would lose another buyer. By all means, make a standalone sims game like the sims online was. But do NOT make it the sims 4.
The reason I play sims is because its well… my own. Every house I have in the neighborhood is mine. Every sim I make is mine. Giving in to online fans of the series would mean half the game would probably end up being watered down. We would probably only be allowed to have one sim per server.
Would we be allowed to build new houses and lots? Most likely not…
Multiple controlled sims in the neigborhood?…most likely not.
Familys?! Again…most likely not.
Expansion packs? Please…there would only be the store.
What about sim players that don’t have internet? Would they be able to play? Probably not and if so…probably in an empty, watered down game solely created for online play.
All those features they added into the sims 2 and then into sims 3, would probably be chucked out the window..
Ultimate customization of our town and sims? most likely gone.
The games features would probably degrade back to the sims 1, excluding the graphics of course.

The sims just isn’t an online game…and most that plead for it to be online, don’t understand what loved features of the sims would have to be removed.
Custom content? How would that work out? Would Ea just do a complete crackdown on third party mods or items? Or will we be plagued by simmers that constantly hack there money up to a million?
Also probably the most important thing to note…
We will no longer be god…
Thats what the sims is…a god game. What about the option to pause and speed up time? That would be impossible if the game was online.

Overall I am fine with them creating an online sims game…but only if it is not a major title in the series like the sims 4.
For in doing so, they would alienate half of the fanbase.
Of course I may be being a little over dramatic, but still. I do not want the sims to be online.
But don’t get me wrong…I too, wouldm’t mind an online sims game but only if it was not a major title. For that would ruin the series…(For me anyway… :P)


Sorry about the long comment…too many paragraphs.


@doodlesam I completely disagree with mostly everything you said, respectfully! I’m, sorry, but I do not think EA would not include any of that! Why would they downgrade? Taking away all of those aspects of the game defeat the whole purpose of The Sims! EA may be annoying at times, but they are not stupid! They will not ruin there most popular, and the most popular PC franchise of all time just for one feature, online! I think they’ll add just about all of that. Yes there is a certain amount of space one game can hold, but The Sims is a “God-like” game, and taking away features like Familys and Object Customization and Building Homes, would completely revert us back to 2000, and I’m sure EA isn’t that stupid! But your last point, not making it part of the base game, I agree with! 😀


If The Sims 4 do go online, it will sure means the end for me because internet services are expensive and I do not like playing online games.


@Thomas, Yeah…I see your point. My comment was a bit on the doom sayer side lol 😛 . It could have the potential to be good, but as an other commenter has mentioned they could either do it right…or they could mess it up miserably. I guess I don’t want to see the sims take that chance, better to make it standalone game than a major title of the series. 🙂


I sure hope not! If it’s online I won’t be getting it at all. And I’ve loved Sims since the first one.


great idea, the sims online did get back on track and got amazing as ea-land but ea shut it due it to not making profit after 1 month of the rebrand (they cant wait) ive lost my mojo for sims since then, and we need something online.


I can’t tell you how many times I was over at my friend’s house or hanging with my sister, we all have our laptops out playing the sims and one of us said that we wished that there was a way our games could be interactive. That if I called my sister’s character in my game on her screen she would get a message asking if she wanted to talk to my character.

If I had it my way TS4 would be able to link with other people’s games the same way a DS can. You have your game. They have theirs but there is a way to sync the games if you want to cross-play together. And for the people that like the whole Sims Online experience maybe you can buy a monthly subscription or minute cards like an xbox and meet up in an online vacation location. That way people could meet other Sims gamers they could sync with later or just chat but it’s not mandatory someone pay a monthly fee just to play the base game or sync with other characters.

Now keep in mind I don’t have much technical experience so I don’t know how plausible all this is but it seems to me the technology is out there and being done in one way or another. We just need to figure out how to combine the best parts for optimal gaming experience.


it would be SO AWESOME if they put it online. it would have to be the exact same as the PC game or it would be kinda boring. but i wouldnt pay for it ever if it was online. so i hope they dont do that. but i LOVE LOVE LOVE the sims 3.

Loic Farris

A required online pay feature would cost them my business as well, but if it were optional or free I wouldn’t mind so much. What I’d really prefer would be a LAN option that would let my Wife’s and my Sims interact while we both play. I was hoping this had existed on TS3 but it doesn’t. 🙁

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I dont understand how they could improve on teh sims anymore?! Yes they could improve the graphics, but couldn’t ea just release more addons for sims 3 that enriches play and updates the games graphics? What about the people who love sims, but dont have interent, you might think everyone does, but not everyone has access. I reckon (as much as i ADORE sims) that EA would lose a relative amount of buissness if they introduced sims 4 online,although it is a good idea, im not willing to pay money i dont have. Sims 3 seems to have amazing gameplay, why cant they update it so there is an online feature…

Repeated Meme

I could see the town/city becoming the online hub. When you go to town/city you go to a large online community where you can meet up with your friends, hang out (go on adventures?), ect… Then give the option for inviting your friends over to your house to hang out, party, ect…

Of course the multiplayer option would remain just that, an option. If the user wished they can play a normal (non-multiplayer) town.

Would help spice up the franchise and give the option for custom content(clothes, cars, sims) to actually be something to show off.


I was one of the original The Sims Online Players, and honestly, it was my favorite Sims game. There’s only so much I can take playing a game by myself before I get bored. I love the concept of the Sims…to me, it just was missing something vital after they canceled The Sims Online.


I completely agree with clown hating punk @yahoo.com

I was also a player back in december of 01 or 02 was it when it just came out.

It was such a great game, you just had to use your imagination to make it fun aka role play. As corny as that may sound I mean any mmo is a RP game one way or another. I was actually in jolly pines inside a “mafia” was great fun wish they just added more content. And another fact being that TSO came out when mmo’s were first starting out and for back than TSO was a big deal. I am sure they could recreate it and make it at least 20x better.


Forgot to mention two things.

Yes playing offline with NPC’s gets boring as hell. I can only play as far as building the house and skilling a few times and killing people than I just quit the game.

And about TS4, how reliable is this source I mean c’mon its in spanish lol.

I have no doubts that there is a TS4 in the making, some EA staff member tweeted about it. But where is there any proof that they would make it online like tso?


I personaly wouldn’t pay to play online when i can play at home for free also if there is going to be a sims4 then here is a list of things that myself and my best friend Jack think there should be:
Divorses <– or however you spell that word.
Religions/churches and places where people pray
Bigger towns/citys
More toys for the children
Planes/ airports
Trains/train stations
more choice on clothes and colours
and much,much more…


I rekon sims online would be amazing, if they found a way to make it work through amazing creativity, but i doubt that, there are so many features that would be impossible online, like doodlesam said, we wouldnt be able to speed up or pause time, and also how would familys exist? because when you create a character and have a baby, who plays the baby?

Also sleeping, the game would not work if it was 24 minute days, and also 24 hour days would mean that your character would have to sleep about 8 hours a day, also when you log out, what happens to your mood?

Id imagine if they could get it running like World of warcraft (Obviously with the different theme) it would work very well, but there are some key factors that i mentioned that would devolve the game


Well if they want to make an online game they should make one that has nothing to do with the main games cause >_> Im not the online Sims type, ALOT of people arent


I hope they only make it an option, or similar to how The Sims Online was, being completely separate from the actual game. I really don’t want to play it online and won’t get the game if that’s the only option, but I understand that some people do. So I’d prefer it to just be an option, so everyone can be happy.


sims 4 is going to be so much fun..i hope it releases as soon as i get bored of it….lol
and its going to be the game of my dreams..yeppie! 😀


the sims 4 should be online and free. and it should also be available at stores to buy and make it all yours.. 😉


i think that the online would feature would make the whole sims series go downhill.


I miss The Sims Online soo much! I hope they come out with another Sims game to play online! I don’t mind paying at all, because I used to. Anyone try playing Tirnua? I have, and it doesn’t come anywhere close to how amazing TSO was. :/


i just care about sims 4 comeing out


think this would be very cool.
Woudn’t it be awesome if you could have an option to put one of your sims in your househld up for “playability” and thn someone can join with you and play that sim

Aalso with other simmers actions you will have a yes or no option


I hope the sims 4 is online..i have missed the sims online. If its more like secondlife i think it will do well. hopefully though, the monthly fee to play won’t be so expensive like 10.00 or less. otherwise most people that would being willing to play it won’t play if its to expensive.


hi i lik sims 1 2 3


It would be great to see the sims online again. I miss it terribly. However, I still stay in touch with several friends that I made in the game. I am in and I now several others that would be in as well. I hope Maxis reads these posts.



Maxis don’t develop it. It’s The Sims Studio.


Also, TSO became FREE the year it closed. EA rebranded it and 2-3 weeks later said it was shutting down.

So I guess if loads of people buy it, cause The Sims is so popular it will do well. Back in 2002, it was way too early for online.


I agree completely that it was to early for online play back in 2001 actually when the beta was out.

It doesnt sound like it was that long ago but a game like TSO needs at least annual updates which TSO didn’t have.

This day and age mmo gaming has come a far far way specially in the last 4-5 years.
I disagree that the sims 3 graphics would overwhelm the game though making it very laggy.

They would need to rethink the designs and graphics but give users much more freedom to create and design their own ideas to be used in the game, and stamping it with a M for mature.
Or at least two servers one for 18+ and one for 17 and under.
I’d like to see players have the ability to create an alcoholic beverage from the wine machine that actually makes your sim wasted … or create a smoking device like a pipe or cigar that they can sell/buy.
And the ability to create things that effect your sims mood like alcohol makes them drunk ect ect.
They play it down for the children.

But I think more adults play this game than teenagers but I disagreed with TSO having like 6+ cities aka servers.. should have just been one city for 18+ and one for those under 18.


@Mevo20 I completely agree

Though I do feel that the graphics should be less demanding for the new tso if it’s true, as many people, especailyl in these times, have no money to upgrade their computers, such as me, my Sims 3 barely work properly as they shoudl.


Wow guys, why cant they make a regular featured game with all of the singe player aspects that you guys love so much and just include a Co Op mode where you can connect with someone else through lan or something. It would be completely free and you get the best of both worlds. You don’t have to play multiplayer if you dont want to, but it sure would be cool to have the option to play with a friend or two.

If they wanted to, they could even included the option for lan for sims 3 and the sims 2. All of that without a subscription in sight.


pooooooooooo lol ola ta leuta einai afto to paixnidaki


parolo ou den to exo agorasi mou aresi:P


ts4 would be good if dey made it for online an single player but on the online option to b like the tso an probrably add multiplayer an exclude online cuz no 1 will pay fees an it would probrably mess up da game so make ts4 a base game with alot more thins to do an seasons an add pets to da game maybe addin vampires witches (etc) an tso new version a standalone game cuz da base game will get ruined so ya an maybe add pre teens to ts4 an adults in mid 40s plus make aliens again to the game an make it 25 years after ts2 an add more things like clothes an stuff maybe u could be a babysitter in ts4 for teens or teacher a maid an finally see ur sims get in the cars an seein wat ur sims do in buildings again like ts ts2 plz an add celeberty things too plus make ts4 like the best sims game like wen ts2 came out wit new features like make da game new not da same plz an make da console versions come out wit da pc 1s too plus make da console exactly like da computer an bring back buildin lots an controllin 1 dan more family in a saved file cuz ts3 for console didnt hav that an for ts4 more place to exploror


I think bringing the The Sims to online play is an excellent idea. A lot of online simulation games out now have been successful EX: Vside, Secondlife, Kaneva. I think it should be optional though because not everyone is willing to pay, and others just dislike online games as mentioned above in other posts. I just think it would be awesome to play with other sim fans around the world. Make new friends, chat, visit eachothers sim houses around the world. If they do decide to do this, I hope it will be available for the console versions as well. All the systems now Ps3, Wii, and Xbox360 are all able to access the internet.


Personally, I think that if the sims 4 was to go online, it would ruin our personal gaming experience and have a negative on impact our ability to unleash our own creativity in what we build. going online would completely take away the whole idea of the sims and gameplay. it would be okay if they made it optional but i would not be online.

keep it offline and you will have more gamers


As long as they still allow all mods including adult mods, then online play would be great. But in order to be worth it, nude mods, sexy skins, and adult animation mods must be allowed. Even if they are confined to their own server or some such idea.