I hate to post such things when we’ve got many years of waiting to do.  At this point, anyone can say anything.  Regardless I’ll guess I’ll post it anyways, but keep in mind that this (unlike the Sims 4 being worked on previously by an EA employee) doesn’t really have any merit behind it – it’s just speculation at this point.

InfiniteSims picked up on an update by O Sim Louco who was able to ‘contact someone’ about TS4.  It appears they are tossing around the idea to include online aspects much like The Sims Online had.  Right now, it’s merely ideas – we don’t know for sure…but I think one of these days The Sims will find its way back to online gaming.  You can only expand it so much graphic wise and idea wise.  It’s one feature they should consider re-exploring again.  The Sims Online was just too early for it’s time I suppose (and a tad boring).  The only thing I hate about this is the monthly payments – especially if we had to give EA our money.  This may be 1 game I’ll own that I’ll probably never play if that’s the case.