It’s religion-gaming week over at Kotaku, and the various Sim games are a hot topic.  They touched base briefly on SimCity and The Sims in their article “The God I’ve Been” the other day, and now today they featured a whole story titled “Life as a God of Sims“.

They live in a house of my design, they are made by me, I have literally crafted everything about their lives.

But an interesting situation arose recently: I had a sim who asked his friend to dump his girlfriend for him, which he did. Said friend then asked my sim to move in!

Since his house sucked, I said yes. And the moving screen pops up and it has the lady the other sim was in a relationship with. That was unexpected- they lived together.

And we get to the lot, and it’s a lot I built, two tiny homes on one lot like a duplex. So I lock the doors so that she still lives on the lot, but in the ugly half meant for a family, and we live in the pretty half meant for a bachelor. I leave her alone and DO NOT control her, at all. She’s a neighbor on the same lot.

I put the mouse over her icon in the new guy’s relationship thing and it says “ex wife”. wooooooooops I didnt know they were married.

Then I see her taking out the trash and she’s walking funny. She’s in her third trimester.

This is my world. I made the houses. I made half the sims, I made the neighborhoods. But I didn’t control what went on inside it, and this is the first time I’ve truly seen how amazing it is to be in control of everything, yet let it go on as it pleases.

She had the baby and I named it bastardo.

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