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Sigh…I didn’t want to share this bit of information I found last night on Twitter publicly because of two reasons:  the first is to obviously respect the employee of EA for sharing the bit of information that…well more than likely did not want publicized throughout the community.  Second, while yes, the below tweet does seem bland, it’s still possible that it could cost the said employee his job depending on how strict the NDA is.

I shared it on twitter only because for the most part, many webmasters use it as a tool to communicate and I wanted to give them a heads up letting them know progress is underway on The Sims 4.  I didn’t provide a link to the tweeter because I feared this would happen…


Anyhow, seeing as it has now spreaded, I’d figure I’d post it.  I’m still being respectful for I left out the EA employee’s icon, username and twittername to prevent it from being tracked, but it’s still pretty easy to find if EA wanted to get the original source.  At times like these, posting information like the above should be handle with care.  It’s much more serious than say, a retail store slips out a listing or perhaps it showing up on somebody’s resume…  In most cases, it’s always wise to say “A little birdie from EA said” to protect that individual.

Anyways, the tweet below.  For the most part, it is a given as the same process took place for The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 (work begin on the games right after the base game of each was launched).

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Surprise me not… It does take a long time to create a game, especially the sims…


YES!!!! I can’t wait, I’m starting the countdown now!!!!


Please dont take this the wrong way my personal opinion regarding the issue is.

If The Sims 4 is such a secret then why was it posted on a public twitter profile, which is Google indexed, with 118 followers at the time and furthermore, on the second biggest social networking site, where you can just type in “sims” on the front page and find it.

The twitter account is not even private!

they only released 1 stuff pack and expantion pack and from now on they r starting 2 make sims 4. i guess it will be released in 2012. i used to thing that games are made overnight! 😀


Wow, LoveGTAandSims or i dont have a name, these games take awhile to be created. They started making The Sims 3 back in 2004.


I can’t say I’m way too happy about having a new Sims game coming out. It seems way to early, I mean people are just now getting over WA and HELS and getting excited for Ambitions. I know it takes awhile, so it won’t be OUT any time too soon, but still…hearing it makes me kind of hesitant on continuing my collection if I’ll just end up restarting with Sims 4 next year.


LOL 😛 I wouldn’t expect Sims 4 to arrive until 2012, so you don’t have a reason to worry. They just get a head start on the development cycle as it usually takes them 4 years from planning to creation (and for somewhat testing)…


They release 8 expansions, two a year, one including the base game. This trend has been going since Sims 1….

Sims 3 Base Game and World Adventures= 2009
Ambitions and EP 3= 2010
EP 4 and EP 5= 2011
EP 6 and EP 7= 2012
EP 8 and EP 9?? possibly= 2013

The next game is usually released 8-12 months later. So we should expect the game to at least be announced anywhere from 2013-2015.


thats a nice theory phil 😉


The Sims 4?????
It would be amazing!
But I’ll need a SUPER computer to run it!!!
I’ll start saving money…lol


I did a background check and found that his name is Cemre Ozkurt’s (Blog Also he is the position he is Senior Character modeler but this guy know some stuff as you can see at his professional website ( and 3 years is the normal production cycle


an Update He has a reasonable position at EA so if he made issue he should lose his credibility and should lose his job


Maybe they should start making a Spore 2, because there has been no recent activity with Spore.


Well just have to wait for a response from EA or someone or say for sure. for me is better than what they believe.!


if they first fix the patches in the sims3 becouse i cant play now 🙁 (so this is where all the good graphic artists go)


No surprise that they’ve already started on Sims 4. These games take years to make. I’d say four years from now, minimum.

I AM surprised that an EA employee leaked it on Twitter, though :/ I have a friend who works at EA and he can’t even talk about the game he’s working on with people working on other games in the same BUILDING. Hope this guy does not lose his job for it 🙁


His Twitter, Blog and Website have all been terminated. Yep, he’s fired


@Riley…no his twitter, website and blog are all still fully functioning 🙂


Ah…. i hope he is talking about something else because the sims 3 is only working on its third expansion…. I’m still trying to get sims 3 to work smoothly let alone think about the 4th game….


oh and what they should do first is FIX THOSE DAMN PATCHES!!! >:(


WTF they just came out with the sims 3 and now the sims 4

i hope its not true and everyone is fucking screwed up cause that employee


How is that screwed up? It takes years to plan the Sims franchise. Better now than never because if they started making it in two years, then it would come out until the late 2010s. If they start now, it’ll come out 2014 or 2015. And that’s not crazy Sims 1 came out in 2000. Sims 2 in 2004. Sims 3 in 2009. Sims 4 2014-2015?


Wow people! They started making the Sims 3 right after the Sims 2 came out, in 2004. It took 5 years for it to come out. And considering The Sims 4 should be even more complex, I wouldn’t be expecting it until at least 2015. We still have plenty of expansions to go in The Sims 3, and it’ll probably be until 2013 before we even begin seeing traces of The Sims 4 ourselves. They JUST started production. That means they’re probably still working on the basic concepts of how they’ll improve it and all of that – it’ll be a while before they actually start making the game itself – it’s still in the beginning stages. So don’t get all whiny saying you’re going to stop buying The Sims 3’s expansions and stuff packs because of this and all of that. It’s going to be YEARS. Oh, and look at Phil’s thing up there. Pretty much spot on, in my opinion.


@DJBoddington – Well, his blog is down now.


OMG!!! Whenever it comes out, I hope its really different and advanced compared to Sims3. I remember waiting for Sims3 and getting my hopes too high for 2 years, then when it came out I was quite disappointed. lol

Sims 3 is good but I just thought it isn’t much different from the previous one except for the fact you can walk around without the need for loading. Smart move. But as they make Sims4, I just hope they can at least join all the features of sims2+3 expansion packs to make a super sims 4. Now that would be…


Sims 3 sucks so bad, so I’m looking forward to this.


Well if i know EA, they probably have some people working on the sims 4 (that is, if its real, but i’m sure they will eventually make it) And that have some people working on the expansion packs and stuff packs because right after sims 2 came out they started on the sims 3, while EPs and SPs were coming out so i think it will still be a while but i hope that if they make the sims 4 it will be even better than the sims 3 if that even possible. 😛


I originally found this site after looking around to see if they bring back TSO/EA Land and read that the Sims 4 was going to include an online aspect (besides the sims store.) I’m really excited to hear that a Sims 4 may already be in the works as it takes years to mold an idea, and personally I enjoyed The Sims Online so much, I probably logged in more hours on that than I have with the Sims 2.


I hope the Sims 4 doesn’t have any multi-player interactions, it’d be filled with perverts and creeps who just wanna cyber, if anyone here ever played Gaia then you know what I mean. >.<


TS needs to get back into online play. TSO was amazing!


It seems like everyone is repeating themselves on here, so im going to join the club. There is no way Sims 4 would be released any time before 2015 or later. Of course they would be working on a fourth one, the game is a massive cash cow, and they would be off their rocker not to keep coming out with new games. But EA needs to get their money worth for Sims 3. Expansion sets are tiny comared to the amount of work that goes into the main game, so they do a little bit of designing and come up with a few new ideas that people buy for lots of money and keeps the public interested in the game until the new one comes out years after. The base game is made just for the purpose of expansions basically (when the game costs just a little more than the expansion, x 6-8 of them). So once the new ideas and items are covered in Sims 3, its time to roll out Sims 4 and get the same process. So for the people who are sad they are already working on Sims 4… would you still be sad when its finally released in 4 or more years?


I would be more than happy if Sims 3 has a lengthy lifespan. Sims 4 IMO seems too quick even by 2012-2013. It still can have good legs – but the whole decision will be up to EA and if they decide to listen to the fans and fix their mistakes – otherwise they’ll just keep digging themselves into a hole.


Oh man , just imagine how awesome it’ll looks. The sims 3 is very good in graphics, yet. What will come by Sims 4 ?? 3D Sims, holographics, Master HD Sims . ( It’ll come after Full HD in 2012 😉 … ) I dont know, but it will be amazing , this things is truth . !!!


OK I don’t know why you idiots are complaining about. MAXIS is the creator and FYI every 88 days an expansion Pack or
Stuff pack is released. !!! (Not 2 every year :P). And MAXIS hasn’t even finished with the sims 3 Franchise and they already started on TS4 THEN YOU ARE WRONG !!! And the genius that tweeted that on twitter is most defianatly DOESNT WORK FOR MAXIS !!!!!


Curtis You Said The Sims4 is coming on the september the 16th 2014


How Can You Confirm Your Youtube Account


Because I Dont Know How To Do It


fuck no! fucketifuckelifuck-fuck.
i “just” bought the sims 3 and 3 expansions after that so i hope it takes some friggin’ time to make this (atleast a couple of years)..
Otherwise they’re just plain stupid.


The only way I’ll buy Sims 4 is if it already comes with pets, vampires, total expansions, you know what I’m sayin’? That’s the only thing that would make the game better. 😉


face mapping from real photos
direct control
posing feature built in
different height
hair and clothing animation
I’m sold!


in the Sims 4 there should be church, you should be able to live in the city and take the subway or train, you should be able to have natural accidents like car crashes where your husband dies and you get the bad news from a police,you should be able to have funerals and pay money, you should be able to have debt, you should be able to pay child support (strong believer of payig child support:daddy issues), you should be able to have seasons, you should be able to have an apartment without expansion packs, you should be able to decide where you live: like if you wanna live in the ghetto or the suburbs, ad finally you should be able to have more than 8 people in your household u the matter of the fact is that in life there are gonna be more than 8 people in you house.thanx for listening 🙂


Well, its 2012 and nothing….. so i expect it in 2013. 😀 But since i gotta PS3 then i expect it not to be as good as in pc. Sims 3 PS3 has loading and pc dont….WTF!?!!?


Well it’s 2013 and it looks like EA is pumping out the Sims3 EPs. (they announced it on a stream).
I’m figuring mid 2014. Because they last ep will come nearing the end of 2013 and then EA will wait to let that settle in and then they will release info on 4 and get people hyped and make it seem really amazing (even if it isn’t) and then release it.
Well, I guess we will see


i don’t look forward to it, just as with simcity 2013. And i don’t look forward to many games. GTA V and The Dark Eye: Demonicon and perhaps the reboot of Tomb Raider, but that’s it. Yeah, i was really looking forward to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, but that one seems to be cancelled.
I haven’t much hope on upcoming games. I’ll stick to the old ones. I also still play Morrowind, a game from 2002. The golden era of games has already passed.


I don’t see a reason for EA not to release the sims 4. The Sims 3’s graphics look very old considering what all is possible for graphics now. As computers get better, they can do so many new things with this game than they could before. If the sims keeps going as computers get better, in the future, it could be an even awesomer game. I am positive we’ll see TS4 next year, or at latest, the year after.

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