❗ Please note: This is a post by previous site owner, Jud Hudson.

Sigh…I didn’t want to share this bit of information I found last night on Twitter publicly because of two reasons:  the first is to obviously respect the employee of EA for sharing the bit of information that…well more than likely did not want publicized throughout the community.  Second, while yes, the below tweet does seem bland, it’s still possible that it could cost the said employee his job depending on how strict the NDA is.

I shared it on twitter only because for the most part, many webmasters use it as a tool to communicate and I wanted to give them a heads up letting them know progress is underway on The Sims 4.  I didn’t provide a link to the tweeter because I feared this would happen…

Anyhow, seeing as it has now spreaded, I’d figure I’d post it.  I’m still being respectful for I left out the EA employee’s icon, username and twittername to prevent it from being tracked, but it’s still pretty easy to find if EA wanted to get the original source.  At times like these, posting information like the above should be handle with care.  It’s much more serious than say, a retail store slips out a listing or perhaps it showing up on somebody’s resume…  In most cases, it’s always wise to say “A little birdie from EA said” to protect that individual.

Anyways, the tweet below.  For the most part, it is a given as the same process took place for The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 (work begin on the games right after the base game of each was launched).