I received a tip via email via reader Isa sharing with me information about The Sims 3 High End Loft Stuff and its availability in Brazil.  As you may know, EA closed down their Brazil studios and WB picked up the distribution of their games. According to Isa, the first stuff pack has began to be distributed throughout Brazil but at an outrageous price of R$ 69.90. She commented that this is the same price as the expansions sold down there, when it should be sold for R$ 29.90. That’s crazy if you ask me! Some say that this is actually a mistake, but if that is the case it should have been fixed…the price has been sitting around that total and it’s making many Brazilian fans upset and holding off from purchasing the item!

Can’t say I don’t blame them…I wouldn’t pay $40 for High-End Loft Stuff (I’d get it on Ebay for much cheaper)…so I feel your pain.

Here’s the link that Isa sent me of the game being sold at said price.

Brazil fans, please show your disgust of said pricing at the official Sims 3 site…as of now, it’s the only thing I can think of other than buying the game on Ebay and having it shipped to you. Please let EA know you don’t like being overcharged.