Coming right off of the huge custom working “Magic Wand” from Mod The Sims, a fan known as JordooSims put together a huge collection of over 50 items (61MB total) items for a fan-made mini-expansion called ‘The Sims 3 It’s Magic!”  Inspired by the magic wand, Jordo has included hats, objects, wings, wearable wand, makeup and much, much more.  These items are converted in package format ready to be placed inside your game.

Please note that this fake mini expansion contains objects not made by Jordoo, but rather just a huge collection to make it easier for magic fans to download at once!  Here are a few screens below:

Download the pack here

Thanks to JordooSims for sending me an email about this!


  1. I don’t really like the idea of “good” and “evil” spells, it’s very restrictive! Magic is better in “The Sims: Makin’ Magic”, there are no boundaries and it’s all great fun, specially with the growths, charms and Bonehilda!

    I know I can’t compare this inferior version to it, but in comparison to magic in “Apartment Life”, the original sense of magic in game is way better!


  2. I might put it back online!
    But the creators got mad at me.
    I mean..
    I just want to share this pack for sims fans!
    Nothing more!

  3. is this the one kolipoki made on mod the sims? because if it is it wont work because it does NOT work for sims 3 late night. and kolipoki is taking one heck of a long time to get it fixed. so is this or is this not kolipokis?


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