Meet the way we (sites in general, mostly) get our news – through the public relations representatives at various EA departments.  Both Rachel Steinberg and Lauren Svensson are the ones responsible for sending out press releases and sending replies to our questions of the various games coming out of the EA Play label (Hasbro, MySims, The Sims, Spore and other EA casual games).  At the official EA Play blog, they decided to share with us information about themselves and of course, pics of their offices:

Meet the people behind EA Play public relationsHere at EA Play, we’ve got a great family of people who are super passionate about making (and playing) video games.  We thought it might be kinda fun to introduce you to some of the real people who work here and make games for a living.  Each month, we’ll share a short profile of one of our coworkers so you can get to know the people behind the games.

First up?  Us!  The EA Play Twitter feed is run by Lauren and Rachel.  We’re no corporate robots—just two girls who love to talk about video games!  Get to know us a little bit more by checking out our profiles below, and feel free to give us a DM or @reply to say hi and introduce yourself to us too!

read about them at the EA Play Blog