Kids say the darnest things.  Most of the time we just laugh and shrug it off, but this guy took it one step further – to draw out the ideas that his little 5 year old brother came up with.  That creation turned out to be Axe Cop, a story about a cop who one day picks up an axe and is determined to fight crime creating a team of superheros.  Basically, the whole deal with Axe Cop works out like this

Axe Cop - a story by a 5 year oldMalachai tells me a story, and I ask him questions to fill in the gaps. It’s just an exploration of 5 year old logic… so he says he is an Axe Cop and asks me if I want to join his team. I say yes, he says sign here. I ask him what we are going to do, he says fight dinosaurs. Also, I do not write word for word what he says, I translate it, paraphrase it, and sometimes make sense of it. If you wanted to get technical, you could say Malachai comes up with the stories, then I write it and illustrate it… but I just feel lame trying to cling to my writing credit next to a five year old. I like when comic credits are simple… this guy wrote it, this guy drew it.

It’s down-right humorous. Make sure you start with Episode 1 then read all the way through and check out the Ask Axe Cop segments for more LOL’s.  Have to say, this 5 year old is more creative then most of the junk that is shown on television these days.

Episode 1 – In video format