The second version of the game gave us eight expansions, and 10 ’stuff’ packs. Although each expansion, just like the original game’s, gave us new items, the addition of stuff packs was an interesting step for the game. It gave players a lot of specific content to build up their Sims lives with. Although, many in the community may have turned up their noses originally at the idea of an IKEA stuff pack – it quickly became a popular one, with simple furniture and clothing additions that were neat additions to the game for not a lot of Simoleans.

The Sims 2 also extended its reach to the consoles, further than it’s predecessor had, and it also spawned PC “Life Stories” versions of the game that were more story and goal based with less customization. The only console versions I spent time with was The Sims 2 on the DS (which I loved and took everywhere so I could sneak in playtime) and The Sims 2: Castaway for the Wii, which I also really enjoyed. The play style of the console games and Life Story versions were aimed at a different, and arguably even more casual, gamer than the regular game. These versions of the game gave players goals to reach, while still maintaining a small aspect of the life needs play that The Sims is known for. I think that these versions of the game give a good segue to the most recent edition of the game, where the life needs play a back seat to the rest of your Sims life.

article at Gaming Angles (via Sims 3 Nieuws)