The Sims 3 team added three new sets to the Store for the month of March – Earth Day, Faire Folk Life and Club Vaindenburger.

Earth Day

3 Items (Full Set)


Celebrate the March equinox and Earth Day by going green.

Celebrate Earth Day every day with these green gifts.

Three trees to brighten up your Sims homes.

Club Vaindenburger

18 items (Full Set), 9 items (Den Set), 9 items (Study Set)

900 SimPoints (Full Set), 500 SimPoints (Den Set), 600 SimPoints (Study Set)

In 1773, the Earl of Vaindenburger commissioned a furniture set that would permit Lords and Ladies of leisure and means to relax in a state of suspended semiconscious delerium. Originally only available to the elite, today these monuments to comfort and distinction are produced by the containerload and shipped to dens and lairs around the globe. “Vaindenburger- taste the taste.”

This furniture set has all the pieces to create a den of comfort and distinction. (Den Set)

Plot the rise and fall of individuals, corporations, and even nations. This study is for those with brazen ambition and a taste for power. (Study Set)

Faire Folk Life

39 items (Full Set), 19 items (Attire Set), 2o items (Slumber & Den Set), 6 items (Slumber Set), 14 items (Den Set)

1800 SimPoints (Full Set), 1000 SimPoints (Attire Set), 950 SimPoints (Slumber & Den Set), 300 SimPoints (Slumber Set), 650 SimPoints (Den Set)

Never before within the reach of mere mortals, Faire Folk Life allows you to dress yourself and your home magically. (Full Set)

Woven from dream and secrets these clothes whisper seduction and elegance. (Attire Set)

Faire Folk Furnishings spritely tames Nature to provide comfort and beauty for your dwelling. Gentle consumers beware that these fine furnishings may have more than a touch of whimsy and magic. (Slumber & Den Set)

Retire to this bedroom for flights of fancy and adventures in Dreamland. (Slumber Set)

Cast a spell over yourself and your guests with this charmed set of living room furniture. (Den Set)