Ahoy!  EAMobile hopes that you didn’t update your iPhone / iPod Touch versions of The Sims 3 yet as there is a major bug – all your saved games will be lost!  The Sims Team is investigating this issue but would like to inform you that if you see it available to update in the App Store, do NOT proceed to do so.

For those of us that already updated their game, there is no fix for us at this time.  Hopefully EA can chime in what to do if you are one of the early victims of this patch.

Source:  EAmobile Twitter


  1. EA just needs to give up and start making cardboard boxes or something like that. I kind of doubt that they could mess that up. It seems like nothing they can’t do anything right anymore.

  2. Too late for me, not that I had much of a saved game anyway. I haven’t tried loading it yet. Thanks for the heads up though.

  3. Well ConnerJack, seeing as how I’m not a gamer designer or even in the gaming business, I don’t have a franchise to speak of. If I were in that business though, I would make sure that the games I created actually worked correctly before I released them to the public. That’s only common sense. If EA did something right, I’d pat them on the back. Having HUGE sales numbers doesn’t mean that everything with their games are wonderful. I buy Sims games because it’s the one game I used to love to play but I’m not as excited with the way they are going with this series. I keep buying them hoping that it will get better but it seems like they don’t make their games for me anymore.


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