The Sims 3 Create-A-Sim standalone icon


Did EA lay off all of the good graphic designers or do they just don’t care anymore?  I know that the product is a stand-alone version of the Create-A-Sim from the original Sims 3 game, but couldn’t they spend more than 2 minutes working with the icon that comes with the demo?  It’s pretty awful… We’ll soon this this icon on pages when the demo comes out sometime in March.  Thanks to The Sims Slovenija for the find.


  1. you don’t have to spend 2 minutes making that, It would only take 10 seconds to finishing making those things on photoshop, not to mention, its embarrassing to have fans creating better stuff than the people who made the stuff the fans are making the stuff for…

  2. I still cant see the utility of this after the game is out. I guest they know they’re gonna loose money on it so why would they put more time on it.

  3. I guess coz people wanted one, but this is no different to the original and is only being released as a way to get monex. But if it’s the same, surely they’d know that’s not what people wanted?
    No, scratch that. This is EA, of course they wouldn’t.
    IMO they need to sort out their reputation before it’s too late… :/

  4. It’s so easy on EA’s end to push out this demo. And it is certainly useful and a good strategy. I bought the Spore: Creature Creator in early 2009 months after Spore’s inital full release. It probably is trying to apply to the young (teenage) gamers who see the game for £5/$10 and think, “yeah, i’ll get that”

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