EA Brazil studio closes


I feel very bad for fans and players in the Brazil community.  While Brazilian fansites may have already known, it is news to me.  According to WorldSims, EA has closed the doors on EA Brazil this past December, leaving the fans left in the dust and 40+ employees unemployed…Which is why we probably haven’t heard from SimVIP as he was a part of EA.  Not only that, but their YouTube channel went offline and their official website has stopped being updated.

This may cause problems for the distribution of games… Dimensao Sims via twitter even stated they have yet to receive any sort of information regarding The Sims 3 High End Loft Stuff hitting their area.  I just don’t understand…from all of the past events they held and as many fansites the Brazilian community has – why would they shut down EA Brazil?  Was it losing that much money?

Sorry this had to happen you to guys 🙁


  1. idk if this counts…but i do kno that in south america in general, the pirating of everything is very common. i mean, it’s rare to find anyone ANYWHERE who has anything that is authentic….so maybe they weren’t making money because of that…..


  2. Which means I probably won’t have my sims games translated to Portuguese anymore. Good thing I speak English. 😛

    Honestly, Brazil is considered by EA itself one of the four biggest Sims communities. If they stop translating the series and updating its website, I hardly think their games will be played here anymore, except for the very few ones who are fluent in English (people here really don’t like to learn languages, lol. most *think* they can speak it).

  3. ‘What games did EABR develop?’ ‘really? wow will this effect sims 3 thats all im concerned about lol’
    Not like those comments … I’m BRAZILIAN … could be the coolest …

  4. But, its not just about the ”EA STATION”
    The thing is, we dont have more ”the sims” games for sale here!
    The mini-pack didnt was released!
    They are not producing the game here anymore!
    We have the ”offcial download” in portuguese, but is not the same ”/

    And, how some of this people are selfish around here…


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