Let me go ahead and make the following note…The 1.9 and 2.4.7 patches are now uploaded to this site – you can now find them in the Sims 3 Patches section for their games.

The SimGuru’s are aware that their patches often cause trouble.  Normally I’d give them flak about it as they often just shrug it off without any sign that they are willing to help.  However SimGuruHydra was quick to put up a help thread for the latest 1.9/2.4.7 patch for simmers that may be having game problems.  Of course, I don’t think this will solve every single problem that is out there, but it’s better than nothing.  Scan over Hydra’s recommendation to see if there may be anything you can do to fix the game.  Oh and if all else fails, it helps if you do a complete reinstall (with your saved data backed up) and patch the game free of any modified custom content or other edited files.

Hi all,

Here are some troubleshooting and help articles and threads that may help with issues concerning the Feb 2nd update. Thank you for bringing these to our attention while we look into them. Also, huge thanks to those who are helping fellow Simmers.

Before installing an update, it’s a good idea to run through this checklist:

If you are getting an error message telling you that your TS3 base game is incompatible with the current EP and are not able to update, try these steps:

From SimGuruCollin:

Please make sure that your base game patches as well as World Adventures. To do this go to

C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin and look in the skuversion.txt

Be sure not to change any data in there but your sku version should read 1.9.xxxxxx etc. if it is not 1.9, you may have opened the launcher before the base game patch was triggered. If this is the case, open task manager and make sure there isn’t a patch running in the background. If there is, click on it and click “End Task”. The next time you open your launcher you should be prompted to patch your game to 1.9 which will make it compatible with the 2.4 World Adventures update.

If you have an issue after updating 1.9/2.4, see this thread and give details on the problem, if you have CC, and your DxDiag (thanks to playermarko456)

Direct links to updates 1.9/2.4 (thanks to Sassy0984)

Checklist before loading (thanks to Uzone27)

Step by step clean install (thanks to Uzone27)

NVIDIA Driver + Game Launcher Crash

Responsible Modding:

Master Help Thread


How to recover corrupted saves:

How to recover saves after experiencing Error code 16:

Customer Support Home Page: