*Confirmed Fake* Thanks for pointing out the flaws and references in the comments!*

I’m tossing this rumor up for discussion.  First off – let me be clear, it’s nothing more than a rumor.  At the moment, this is one rumor that I’m classifying as FALSE until there is more information about where this image came from.  SimsPlanet2 posted the following image but did not give a link of where it came from, which is the main reason why I’m skeptical.  Of course there are more but without a source I don’t really care to go on any further.

As far as it stands, we’re still lead to believe that the other rumor – The Sims 3 Hobbies & Professions is true.  But whoever created this artwork for “The Sims 3 Spellbound” did a pretty damn good job in my opinion (except for the side of the box)…I for one would love to see this happen but I don’t think we’ll get it anytime soon.

If this is fake, then we should be able to find the sims/images they used to piece this together.  I’ll update this post with any new information I have when it is made available.


  1. Hope this rumor is true because I’ve been dieing for a Magic Ep to come out for the Sims 3. It was the best pack ever in TS1 and TS2. Hope it comes out for TS3. 🙂

  2. As much as I love having a magic-based EP, it is extremely unlikely that they’re putting it out this early in the Sims 3 life cycle.

    Creating a magic-EP discussion in the official community forums will inevitably bring out the anti-magic group of people frothing at the mouth, dissing at any signs of non-realism in the game, what more an EP around it. I predict EA will create a magic-based EP (because there’s a lot of Magic-lovin’ users like myself out there) near the end of the SIms 3 cycle, just before they announce Sims 4, just like they did for Sims 1 and 2.

    So yeah, my heart says Yes, but my brain says no.

  3. Its fake. I just examined it comparing it to Base Game and WA.

    Wanna hear why its fake?

    ALL EPs have the origonal Sims 3 logo before the Exp. Packs name on the side of the case.

    It was mentioned in an easrlier article that EVERY future EP will give 1000 SimPoints, look at the case, it does not say “£6 Bonus SimPoints”

    One more… At the bottom, it doesnt say: Requires The Sims 3 To Play.

    🙂 I rest meh case, your honour.

  4. And, the bottom male Sim is the actual, real life Indiana Jones.

    the fairy next to him is Rosalina out of Mario – Mario Kart – Super Mario galaxy

    And the dragon, fire in Sims 3 looks nothing like that. If my observation skills are correct, thats the dragon and fire out of Shrek.

  5. PlayerMarko from TheSims3.COM, please do not claim to be me. Going on TS3 forums saying : Why is indiana joens on, with Rosalina, I rest “my” case.

    It would be alright if you would have given credit to me, cccccc dont steal ideas please. You obviously read comments.

    Davina xoxoxox

  6. Another thing to confirm its fake, behind Indiana Jones, as you can see, theres a man in a cape.

    Again, its Shrek. Its the King when he was in the pub talking to “Puss” And the blue background, thats not even Sims. Its meant to simulate a street, but as you can see, it has roofs that arent in sims 3. It has circular roofs.

    And on the roof is snow. Snow in Spellbound? Pfft.

  7. I have piss-poor eyesight when it comes down to real small things, so thanks for all of the references. I’d love for it to be true – hopefully we’ll eventually get something of this nature – but like you mentioned, now isn’t the time 🙂

  8. whoever made the photo, they didn’t do too bad at making a cover for it… (and they blurred it so it can’t show signs of faulty graphics) …they could soon have a job at ea… as the “rumourizer” 😀

  9. Just spotted something else… The Sim at the bottom left with the wings – its a cough, you can see the legs of it! LMAO! And the Sim is from Sims 2, anyway!

    Not that you need this info, already proven fake xD

  10. this is going to be long but i have to put cccc in her places because she is wrong about every single thing she’s said!
    1) it wouldn’t have the sim points thing on the cover art because the offer may not be around for ever so they couldn’t print it on or they’d have to honour it even after they recalled the offer, or they’d have to buy back and destroy every game with that cover to be able to stop offering it! neither my sims 3 or WA had the offer printed on the front, it was on leaflets inside
    2)i know graphic design and i know that some companies do basic mockups using existing art to show to department heads – this is quite similar to ones i’d seen for world adventures.
    3) world adventures has a predominate orange background and sims 2 expansions had a tradition for choosing a different colour for each expansion background so saying blue “isn’t even sims” doesn’t make any sense! it might not be yet but may be in the future. and meant to simulate a street??i have no idea what you mean by that
    4) where are you seeing snow? i’ve looked and looked and i can’t find any..
    all in all i don’t think we can rule this out as early concept art…despite what ccccc says! and i don’t think anyone is copying you sweety – no-one likes a no-it-all especially one thats wrong!

  11. Im not saying the blue isnt Sims… Im saying look at the pictures in the background… Idiot.

    1. They have curved walls

    2.The snow is on the roofs, as you can see, its a bit whiter, and its thicker…

    And when WA and base game cover was released on every site, it had 1000 SimPoints on it.

    And EA actually said EVERY single future Exp. Pack will have 1000 SimPoints, and why doesnt it say Requires Sims 3 To Play?

    I know its already admitted fake, but serously luv – I also work with graphics – So what the hell are you coming up here?

    How did you get into the graphics without even knowing simple things like how to read?

    I can understand dyslexia, but pure thickness?

    Davina xoxox

  12. And, the rumour “Hobbies & Professions” cannot be proven fake at this time. There has been n cover released yet – Ony one, which was admitted to be fake by a fan – but that doesnt make the whole game fake, does it? 🙂

    Maybe when the cover is released will I be able to detirmine it fake or not.

  13. cccc you are unbelievable i MADE the image i know whats in it and what isn’t! i also know what source material i used;

    1) its not snow its a light grey roof – there is NO snow in this image!! it may look that way because of the opacity filter used – or if you have brain damage..
    2) its not a curved wall its a gypsy caravan and the castle set in the sims store does already have curved walls, so it exists within the sims 3 already
    3) the image is based on an EXACT copy of my own copy of world adventures – which has no mention of the 1000 simpoints, and no “requires sims 3 to play ” – its not on the cover, thats on the back
    4)wheres indiana jones, shrek and rosalino? Lol, if a weatherman was as wrong as you are he’d be fired, just as you should be if you really do work with graphics.
    5) i’ll explain the background thing once more even though i already did as Rhea (in disguise ooooh!) the wa cover clearly has a figure in each section in normal colours and the background around that figure in a saturated main colour – on WA its orange, for spellbound i thought blue made sense. its totally in keeping with the theme as it will play out on further packs.

    p.s your clear lack of intelligence is as delicious to me as a fondant fancy! i love that you are totally beaten and you have the audacity to claim i can’t read when i’ve already dismantled your every argument once. no wonder you get thrown off of these things so often. if you can do better lets see it sweety x

  14. cccccc, being that they took a picture from a fan to put on their newsletter without credit….i wouldn’t put it past them if they built off this idea.

  15. ^^^^ Maybe in a few years… Anyway, An Exp Pack is released every 6 months… Hobbeis and Professions has pratically been confirmed… give that til June… its going to be atleast another year yet. And I doubt theyll release Magicm so early -itll be one of the last ones – everyones demanding seasons and pets atm.

  16. to clarify this was not based on any substantial rumour i made it all up – ea are not planning this as far as i know, not a magic one anyway, but hobbies and proffessions keeps coming up as a possibillity

  17. ^^^^ I know some-one who works at EA, because Im with graphics myself – and as a fan of Sims, I regularly ask for updates – They said there is an Exp. Pack coming out in June for the 10th Anniversary — BUT!

    Apparently, only the creators only know the name of it…
    We should ehar about this Exp. Pack next month, however, she says – because Exp. Packs for Sims are usually announced about 100 days before the release date.

    It could be H+P… Seasons maybe? Pets maybe? Maybe its soemthing we werent expectign at all… Like:

    The Sims 3: Celebration Time

  18. No, what i meant by just the cover being a fake was that, for now we are not getting a Magic themed expansion, HOWEVER considering the fact that The Sims and The Sims 2 BOTH included magic-themed expansions (Apartment Life in Sims 2) there is a strong possibility that we will get one EVENTUALLY.

  19. Spell bound’s cover: http://img717.imageshack.us/img717/9536/spellbound.jpg

    WA cover: http://lh4.ggpht.com/_-nBm-L5FPSU/Sv0JFNN-pYI/AAAAAAAAAbc/wguZzBBQ-U4/sims-3-world-adventures.jpg

    @cccccc, the background on WA is in fact orange, so Dan d was correct when making this cover, as was whoever else said that the you were wrong about the background.
    Also, please tell me where do you see on the cover (http://lh4.ggpht.com/_-nBm-L5FPSU/Sv0JFNN-pYI/AAAAAAAAAbc/wguZzBBQ-U4/sims-3-world-adventures.jpg) of WA ‘1000 Sim Points’ or whatever?? And where do you see ON THE COVER that it requires the base game to play? NO WHERE. Maybe you know someone at EA, but you are wrong on almost every thing you have said.

  20. Kallie, I never said his background cover was wrong. Not when The Sims 1 and 2 Colours were all different (different shades when they ran out)

    I simply pointed out that EA would not put store items onn the front cover of their game, thats false advertising.

    And by posting the link to WA, you just made me realise there are even more differences than thought. Simply the way the 12+ and PC + MAC was set out.

    And you cant try and say thats just EA changing it, as all layouts on TS3 expansions were the same, atleast where it said: Requires Sims 2 To Play

    Or PC + MAC or 12+….

    And seriously… How are you still posting in this section? I was just looking at Hobbies & Professions and saw there was another comment in this one. Like seriously…

    Its even been admitted to have been fake and youre still backin g it up as real? Dont say youre not, otherwise you wouldn’t have posted what you just did. Please do not justify something that has been admitted fake already…

    kthnxbai xox Davina xox

  21. There IS one mod , Kolipoki’s wand thing, but it has flaws. EA would make new poses and everything. I really loved magic in TS1, though, store-bought expansion packs don’t work on my computer. I have to download them from the EA website 😛

  22. Kailie is just trying to not admit to herself that its fake so she can have that “OOO A NEW GAME!” feeling. But in the end, when it never comes out, she’ll be crying herself to sleep because all her drowning thoughts of “its real!” destroyed the reasons why its fake inside her head. OH GAWD IM GOING POETIC MODE! (thats when i talk about others stupidity in a nuerotic manner)


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