RUMOR - The Sims 3 Spellbound?

*Confirmed Fake* Thanks for pointing out the flaws and references in the comments!*

I’m tossing this rumor up for discussion.  First off – let me be clear, it’s nothing more than a rumor.  At the moment, this is one rumor that I’m classifying as FALSE until there is more information about where this image came from.  SimsPlanet2 posted the following image but did not give a link of where it came from, which is the main reason why I’m skeptical.  Of course there are more but without a source I don’t really care to go on any further.

As far as it stands, we’re still lead to believe that the other rumor – The Sims 3 Hobbies & Professions is true.  But whoever created this artwork for “The Sims 3 Spellbound” did a pretty damn good job in my opinion (except for the side of the box)…I for one would love to see this happen but I don’t think we’ll get it anytime soon.

If this is fake, then we should be able to find the sims/images they used to piece this together.  I’ll update this post with any new information I have when it is made available.