Kotaku – Barbie Doll Destroyer Will Wright Visits Engage Expo 2010


Wright told Kotaku after the talk that he hopes he can reveal what his Stupid Fun Club is up to “soon.” He was no more specific than that. Pure video gaming, it sounds, is mainly going to be an amusement for him. He said he’s still avidly playing Advance Wars on his DS, has dabbled with Dragon Age, gotten sucked into Battlestations Pacific and likes messing with Scribblenauts (“I don’t even focus on the levels. I just sit there and pick out a cat and a ferret and see what happens. I’m just doing all these experiments in my head”). But the Sims was 10 years ago. Even Spore is now a ways back.

Maybe we should think of Will Wright, fresh off his first Toy Fair, as an exciting young toy maker now, instead.

But maybe we should have seen him as a toy maker all along. “I always thought of Sim City as a digital toy,” he said during our chat. “Most people call it a game, but, really, the rules structure is much looser than a real game. You can’t really win or lose in Sim City or The Sims. You can try for certain goal states and maybe achieve them or not. But I think my games have always been more like toys than games.”

Everytime Wright speaks and I hear him, he always makes me feel intelligent.  We still don’t know what he’s up to, but I’m sure as hell curious to know what his Stupid Fun Club team has planned.  Will it be the next big thing or just another product that you’ll find on the ground kicked under the shelves at Walmart?  I did manage to get a chuckle out of the fact that Will blew up a barbie doll by launching it into the sky and also for the fact that he thinks the Roomba vacuums “doesn’t vacuum worth shit” XD

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