What’s more worrying is the amount of items included in this expansion: only one item of every type. Did you want new sofas? You get one, in a high end loft style. New televisions? You get one, in a high end loft style. All of the items could easily have been added to the Sims Shop rather than waste a CD. At least then you only buy the items that you feel are needed, or that you really like. Now you fill your hard drive with stuff that is ultimately pointless.

However, it is not all doom and gloom in this expansion. Of all the items, there is one that might have been worth the price of the expansion alone. An aquarium. It may sound unlikely that something as simple as an aquarium could be so useful, but allow me to explain. See one of the skills that your Sims can learn is fishing. Through trial and error, and reading fishing books, they learn how to choose the right bait for bigger and better examples of certain fish species. Some fish can be eaten, and some can be sent off to be mounted and hung on a wall. But your Sim can also desire to have an aquarium with all the greatest fish available. However, originally you only had fishbowls big enough to keep a single fish in each bowl and maintaining these fishbowls was utter tedium.

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