Have a Hot Topic nearby in your area?  Grab some cash and call (because its disappointing to run out there to find out they are not in stock) to see if your store has any of the new Sims 3 shirts in stock.  EA and Hot Topic are doing a limited run with 3 shirts – 1 for girls and 2 for guys (of course there is nothing stopping the girls from wearing the guy shirts, but if you are a guy and try the opposite prepare to be stared at).  Great thing about it – you can order them online at HotTopic.com and they ship globally.  Bad thing about it – they are proud of their shirt prices – $19 and $22.

Luckily for me, I love saving money so I came up with a promo code that will net you 25% of an order over $50.  Technically this saves you the price of 1 shirt (well, just about) so i picked up 2 black shirts and one woohoo/rock-n-roll shirt.  I was tempted to get the Sim Boys Lie shirt but…well I’m to sexy for that shirt.  If they would toss in the lady, then we’d talk… (what, I’m a guy) 😛

Code is HTA25OFF50 just make sure you use it before Jan. 31, 2010.  I’ll post pictures once I get them in!