GameDaily caught up with the Lucy Bradshaw, the new head of Maxis Studios.  Through a phone interview, she explains how Maxis will still continue on achieving the sucess that they’ve had, what’s in store for the future of Spore, and speaks a little about Will’s Stupid Fun Club.

Of course, owners of the high-end consoles (PS3/Xbox 360) would love to see Spore on their favorite gaming platforms, but Bradshaw said that Maxis for now remains focused on expanding the game on the PC and bringing it to the Nintendo audience. She says the Spore games on the Wii/DS are being developed with a “very bottom-up design” in collaboration with the studio in Montreal. She noted that those projects have been fun because the Nintendo platforms provide “so much creative freedom.” Spore Hero will offer an “intimate adventure” using the Wii Remote controller, while Hero Arena will of course take full advantage of the DS touch screen and stylus controls. Bradshaw certainly didn’t rule out future PS3 or 360 SKUs, though. “The scope of the original Spore concept was pretty expansive, so we’ve got some space and territory to cover,” she noted.

catch out her interview here (thanks Sporedum!)