During TVG’s time spent with their hands on with The Sims 3, they were also able to interview associate producer MJ Chun.  Below are a few samples, be sure to catch the link to read the rest!

TVG: With The Sims 2, something of a modding community was built up with user generated content, but this time around you’re really embracing user created content. Will you have a marketing strategy for that at all, or are you planning to serve up all that sort of content for free?

Yeah, absolutely. For The Sims 2 we did Body Shop, so we released a separate program that allowed players to customise their sims and stuff like that. In The Sims 3 we’re actually incorporating a lot of those tools that we released into the game itself, so you do all of the uploading, sharing and alike in-game. What we would love to do is make it even easier, allowing the player to customise even more. They can then post it to the exchange and see what other people have made but all within our standard, so there’s nothing too graphic – no decapitations.

TVG: The game has obviously been delayed until June 5th now. Have you been glad to get that extra development time?

Absolutely, just for the sheer amount of bugs that we’ve fixed and the amount of polish that we’ve been able to apply. We’ve been able to take feedback from customer content users, change the game, play the game, and find bugs. It’s something that the development team is very grateful for and you can feel it in the way that everyone works, because you want to proud of what you work on and it’s awesome to work on something and be like, ‘Yes! What I do makes a difference.’

Total Video Games – The Sims 3 Q&A Feature with MJ Chun