I normally don’t play a lot of PC games.  Just about every PC game that I have owned and played have been simulation/god games.  I don’t think it’s my thrill of playing god, I just find the games to simply be enjoyable.  Not to mention many of the games are customizable with user-created content.  Tech Radar brings an article about playing god in video games, with The Sims and SimCity being their fine points:

It doesn’t matter what the game is, and don’t pretend you’ve never done it. Everyone who’s played The Sims has, at one time or another, locked a whole family in a room with no toilet, or stolen the ladder from their swimming pool, or stripped someone naked at a dinner party just to watch the reaction.

It’s human nature, not necessarily to be complete bastards, but to poke and prod at the rules of a universe for no greater purpose than to see what happens when we do. The bastard bit simply adds a bit of spice. Or a lot of spice, if the game you’re playing is doing its job properly.

Playing god gives us all the power in the world, and done properly, the game it comes wrapped in is simply a nice bonus. The strange thing is that as much fun as the genre should be to play, only a handful have ever truly made it work…

They’ve got a point…I can’t count the times I took the ladder out of the pool, built walls around my characters to trap them, even setting them on fire.  No, I’m not sick and twisted like that in real life…but in the games, it’s a whole different set of rules.  I just wonder what new ways we can come up with disposing our characters in The Sims 3….From what I have read so far, the pool ladder won’t work anymore!