up, Spore creator’s!  I just received word from MaxisCactus that Spore is holding a promotion for the 100th millionth creature to be uploaded.  As it stands, the Sporepedia is sporting around 90,177,184 creations!  Only 10 million to go, and according to Caryl Shaw’s statistics,1.5 to 2 million creations are updated weekly!

The winner who hits the 100 million mark will obtain an NVIDIA Graphics card, a standard copy of Spore, and a copy of Spore Galactic Adventures when it becomes available.  Better get to creating…or at least save a whole bunch of creations and publish them when it gets to near 100 million!

They have also listed how much a hundred million is:

  • The number of TV sets in India
  • The number of photoreceptors in an eye
  • The number of mobile phones in Japan
  • The number of cows in the United States
  • The number of pounds of air in an acre

Frankly, I find it odd that they did not include the number of times Spore has been pirated thanks to SecuROM.  But hopefully we can put that behind us – surely they’ll ditch it too (hopefully!).