The authors of the Prima Games magazines posted on their blog two newsposts from their time with The Sims 3.  One covers the Create-A-Style mode and the other talks about one of the authors creating themselves within the game (it’s about a week old).

No longer can I just build a personal study with a desk, chair, computer, and a bookcase. Now I have control over every detail of these objects. I have this thing about matching. By “thing,” I mean freakish obsession that makes decorating with me about as fun as walking into a glass door — over and over. I decided to do my Sim’s study over in wood, starting with a bookcase. There are lots of wood textures to choose from. After spending several minutes browsing in the Create-a-Style tools, I settled on a rich cherry. Now it was time to match the desk, chair, and even the easel I has artfully placed in the corner, tilted in front of a huge window. Instead of having to click on each object and then root around in all of the textures and find the one I previously picked, I just clicked on the bookcase to bring up its texture pre-set and dragged it over the other objects. Immediately, the chair matched the bookcase. Then the desk. I was seconds away from making the computer on the desk wooden, but I managed a little self-control. I may be crazy, but I’m not silly.

The Sims 3 – Create-A-Style

After tugging and tucking, I dug into the traits selection. You can select five traits that flesh out your Sim’s personality. At first, I loaded myself up with honestly, industriousness, a sense of humor, kitchen skills and luck. Oh, I was a real extrovert that was the life of the party and the kind of employee that rockets up the career ladder on the wings of spunk and vivaciousness. But then I took the same kind of honesty I applied to my Sim’s physical appearance and used it to work on her personality. I kept the sense of humor and luck because those are real. But in remaining slots, my clicks turned into confessions. I am at times lazy. The stack of dishes in my sink sometimes reveals my week’s eating habits much like strata in rocks tells a geologist about the fossil record and volcanic activity. Those kitchen skills? Gone. Mama Browne makes mac-and-cheese from scratch. I struggle with the boxed kind.

The Sims 3 – Making Me