Found this information thanks to NeoGaf.  IGN has published what they believe to be the top 100 game creators of all time…and since I’m posting about it, you’re guessing that Will Wright had to make an appearance somewhere.  Well yes, he did.  He didn’t take the #1 spot, that spot is well earned by Shiggy (Shigeru Miyamoto who created Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong, Pikmin, and many other wondful hits).  Nope, Will came in at third place, with Sid Meier as #2.  I have nothing against Sid, but come on….Will rules!  Here is what IGN has to say about Wright:

He’s the creator of a string of wildly successful games dating all the way back to Raid on Bungling Bay in 1984, the aforementioned SimCity series in the late ’80s and early ’90s — which defined the modern simulation in just about every way — and of course, the enormously popular life imitator, The Sims. Wright has been intrinsically linked with all Maxis properties (a company he helped start) for years. The success of his wildly ambitious and approachable games has allowed him the freedom to continue creating titles that were sandbox experiences more than linear experiences.

Wright has continued to develop “Sim” games, which are among the most successful and widely-played gaming titles of all time. The Sims’ popularity inspired Wright to create the even more ambitious Spore — a procedurally-generated simulation that tracks development from single-celled organisms into an entire galaxy. It The concept sounded impossible before it became a reality in 2008, enjoying commercial success and critical praise.

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