If you drop by Planet The Sims you’ll be able to catch an interview with Bang Camaro, one of the many bands whose music will be featured in TS3.

PTS: Is anyone in the band a fan of the Sims games? If so, can they recall a particularly funny moment from one of the games? And if not, will you be likely to give The Sims 3 a try once it’s released?

BRYN: Hold on, let me go get Morgan…

MORGAN: Hey, guys! I’m not sure what this says about me, but the funniest moment I can recall from playing the Sims is when I figured out I could make my Sims go totally insane and, you know, get harassed by clowns. I’m not at all into clowns, myself, but this feature eventually grew on me. I’m not sure how it missed the back of the box. That said, I have enjoyed playing full Sims games without the sadism and I will certainly give Sims 3 a try. I think I’m going to make a Camarohood populated by Sims versions of members of the bands.

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