What a day!  I’m still celebrating over the news of EA ditching SecuROM in The Sims 3…I now want to run to Best Buy and pre-order my copy!  Maybe this weekend, but it’s a guarantee now!

However, a thought came to my mind:  what is Sony’s response in regards to this news?  Surely EA had to break a contract if they decided to not use SecuROM, right?  Well, I had to do some investigating work and called into the SecuROM tech support.  They were able to transfer me to the main office.  I recorded the following phone interview of what their response (I completely forgot the name, sorry!) is regarding this blessing (or in their case, total disaster).  Listen below!

Sony’s response to EA ditching SecuROM in The Sims 3 – SimPrograms exclusive phone interview

They were not thrilled at all.  Party-Poopers.  😛