*UPDATE* – Thanks to w3by for the tip, use the code “19855” to access the new VIP blog!

A new VIP blogpost has been added to the official Sims 3 site!  At the time, I do not know of a code that currently works – I’ll update this post as soon as it is available.  However, I did take a screencap of the page and could read what the post is about before I was asked to put in my code.  Here is what Grant Rodiek has to say on his VIP post titled, “The Great Sims 3 Facial Hair Competition”:

Game Development is a labor of love.  We’re working really long hours to finish The Sims 3, which is shaping up to be one  of the coolest games ever.  No joke!  However, long hours lead to us…not shaving.  To provide a little incentive (err, excuse to continue to not to shave, we’ve created an awesome facial hair growing marathon.  The results are frightening and awesome.

We didn’t want to do just the typical “grow facial hair until your face falls off” type of competition.  To encourage innovation and creativity in the field of facial hair growing, we wanted people to shape their fuzz into hilarious and unfortunate mustaches, goatees, and anything else they could come up with.

I’d thought I would show off some of my favorites!


You can view the post and check out the pictures here.