IGN brings the details for customizing our vehicles in the Wii version of MySims Racing.  Below are some of the content in which we will be able to use for our cars:

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Performance Upgrades. This is where you upgrade the karts performance attributes. There are 4 categories: Engine (Affects Top Speed and Acceleration), Frame (Affects Weight and Acceleration), Handling (affects Handling), Special (Special upgrades given to a player when they win Gold Medals in any given challenge. They can affect all of the above)

Styling Upgrades. There are 10 categories to choose from. They are: Body Type (Multiple Body Types available per Class), Front Bumper, Front Headlight and Grill Assembly, Front Hood Ornament, Side View Mirrors, Rear Accessory, Rear Tail Lights, Rear Bumper, Wheels, Horn.

Paint Shop. There are 24 Colors and 20 Door Decals to choose from. Door decals include: Skull, Star, Lightning Bolt, Paw, Flames, Checkered, #8, Kitten, Bowtie, Butterfly, Heart, Flower, Wings, Octopus, Ninja Star, Snail, Bunny Luv, Radio Active, Hawaiian Flower, Soccer Ball.

IGN:  MySims Racing Customization preview