JoyStiq attended Caryl Shaw’s speech of ‘Things that doesn’t Suck, Inspiring Creativity with Spore’ at the SXSW 2009 event.  They are coming back with positive looks of the newest expansion, and are also surprised with all of the cool user-generated content that fans have been creating.

While Spore might have come out and disappointed some, this panel was enough to make us want to bust it out again when we get home and either get busy creating, or get busy exploring some of the jaw-dropping user content. Check out the highlights after the break.

Shaw explained that the general rule of thumb about user created content is that, “The vast majority of it is crap.” So one of Will Wright’s goals that the Maxis team tried to do was provide tools that were deep enough to raise the bar in hope that there wouldn’t be as much crap to wade through. However, if you take a spin through Sporepedia, you’ll notice that there is indeed a lot of crap in there. But where there’s a lot of crap, there’s also a lot of gold. (Wow, that almost needs to be on a poster somewhere).

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