This spring/summer is going to be full of many PC hits!  IGN takes a look at the PC games that will be put on the market during the Spring of 09′.  The Sims 3 makes the list:

What to Expect: The most successful PC franchise of all time returns with a far bigger scope than its iconic predecessors. Now your sims can explore a virtual town without ever hitting a loading screen. Suddenly, the canvas of your adventures goes far beyond the walls of the home, as you can wander pretty much anywhere in the game. Smarter AI means that this town is populated by sims that live rich, fulfilling lives around you.

Meanwhile, the editing and creation tools are far more powerful, as are the exchange tools that let you share your content with others. This includes everything from custom patterns on furniture to screens and videos that you create. EA delayed the game a few months for some last-minute buffing and polishing, but everything looks great and this looks to be a huge leap forward for the franchise, as well as a perennial occupant of PC sales charts for years to come.

Only other interest I see is Ghostbusters:  The Videogame.  I didn’t realize it was for PC…excellent, I was going to get it for PS3 but the PC version will probably have a strong modding community…I can’t wait to see what happens on both games!

IGN:  The PC Games of Spring 2009