As popular online as in the real world, the Ford Mustang has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times in The Sims 2.Cnet’s CarTech blog shows statistics from Ford’s product placement in The Sims 2: over 5.7 million vehicles have been giving away, with 1.5 million of them being the Ford Mustang .  Along with the Mustang, Ford also offers players the Fusion, Edge and Escape Hybrid models.

An interesting fact is that the cars weren’t modeled for the game by just looking at various pictures, nope – they used the actual CAD drawings of the blueprints to get the vehicles to look just like their real world counterparts.

The article also mentions that there are no plans for any more cars for The Sims 2, but The Sims 3 is being considered.  I don’t know why Ford won’t come out and say what their plans are…It’s already obvious that they will have a small role in the game from one Sims 3 picture displaying an in-game advertisement poster of a Ford product.

I just wished Chrysler/Dodge would join up and offer some of their classics…I’d love to see a 69′ Dodge Charger in The Sims 3 😀  Oh well if not, sure once modding gets up and rolling one will be created!  Oh, and while we are on the subject, an Ecto-1 and the BTTF Delorean Time Machine would also be sweet!