SnootySims had the chance of  attending a MySims fansite event which showcased both MySims Party and MySims Racing.  Both games were reported to be actually fun.  Since we already know a lot about MySims Party, I’m going to quote some information Snooty shares on their other game, MySims Racing:

As in true Sims fashion, you can customize everything; Not only can you change the brakes, engine power,etc, but also completely change its appearance like paintjob, bumpers, wheels,etc,etc. They promise to have a total of 170 parts! A lot of these must be unlocked though. Ofcourse your Sim can also be customized with unlockable parts. Other things to unlock are new drivers, cars and tracks.

There are 2 options; A free race (pick a driver and a track and go) and a storymode where you have to do tasks like bring pizza’s around and things like that. We didn’t get to see that part though, but an interesting part is that the game starts in a desert-like environment and broken down houses and as you fulfill more asignments, the city will grow and look prettier. Like a small pizzastand will turn into a huge restaurant.

If you’re familiar with Mario Kart, you will feel right at home; It has powerups on the road, obstacles, ramps,etc. Also by making nice moves on the road, your boostbar will fill up. This boostbar will give a huge speedincrease.

Hit up SnootySims to finish reading a few more details of MySims Racing as well as read what he had to say on MySims Party!