PCWorld compiled a list of what they believe to be the 10 greatest PC Games of all time.  The Sims and SimCity (original) both made it on the list.  The full list of games are below, with their ranking:

10. Trade Wars 2002
9. Myst
8. The Sims
7. StarCraft
6. Rogue
5. M.U.L.E.
4. SimCity
3. Civilization
2. Doom
1. World of Warcraft

What gets me is the reactions from all of the  people commenting on the article.  So far, the tally of recommendations from people that agree/disagree are 53 Yes, 115 No.  While I do believe that most of these games are influential, I have to disagree on the fact that they are the best games of all time…Many games are missing – Half Life 2, GTA series, Leisure Suit Larry (I can’t believe I was playing this game when I was around 10-12 years old)!  However, I do have to agree with The Sims and SimCity…but then again I’m biased because I run a fansite for those games, LOL.

Actually…after thinking about it is it even possible to compile a list of the 10 best PC games?  There was such a huge market and so many great games available…They’d probably be better off listing the top 100 PC games.