Pregnancy in The Sims 2 is the most realistic and gives players the greatest sense of accomplishment. Here’s how it goes down: a would-be parent has to select the “Try for Baby” option when “Whoo-Hooing” with a member of the opposite sex. If the attempt is successful, a soft chime indicates to the player that the female Sim is pregnant. For the next 72 sim hours, the mom-to-be will experience bouts of morning sickness, run out of energy more quickly, need to use the toilet more often and will usually be more hungry (as a result of throwing up from the morning sickness). At the end of each 24 sim-hour “trimester,” the mom’s stomach will expand — that’s called “popping” in pregnancy language — and on the third day, she goes into labor by grasping her stomach, writhing and moaning. Then you get a nifty little cut scene where the mom’s plumb-bob (a.k.a. green glowing gem above her head) splits into two and the baby falls out of thin air into her arms.

I can’t imagine how a woman must feel to go thru pregnancy. However, I bet one thing – I’m sure you woman readers wished it could be as easy as it is portrayed in The Sims series! Hit up Kotaku to continue reading about pregnancy in gaming – both The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, as well as other games.