If it’s one thing that SimAnimals has, it’s fantastic music thanks to the composer, Winifred Phillips.  I spent some time listening to the tracks on iTunes, and I have to say it’s quite relaxing!  This soundtrack is going on my iPod!

Those who don’t have iTunes, you can also listen to the samples over at Amazon.

The tracks are as followed:

  1. SimAnimals Theme
  2. Trailhead
  3. Free Play
  4. World in Need
  5. Dry Gulch
  6. Grassy Glen
  7. Castle Ridge
  8. Friendship
  9. Hard Times
  10. Happy Place
  11. Orchard Playground
  12. Danger Woods
  13. Foggy Wallow
  14. Absolutely Positive
  15. Woodlands
  16. Perfect World
  17. Misty Bog
  18. Quality Time
  19. Forest Song (End Credits)

Blog site Higher Plain Music wrote a lengthy review of the soundtrack as they were approched by Winifred herself.  Their verdict?

Winifred Phillips has created a soundtrack that keeps the essence of Sims music intact with its magical melodrama and lush production but she’s also moved it into a world that gives it maturity and a more polished feel. The whole soundtrack gives a certain warmth that I can only relate to with Mitsuda’s “Hako No Niwa” but if your a Sims, Mitsuda, Celtic or orchestrated music, you’ll feel right at home here. The first must have of 2009 for VGM fans is here.