How was your New Years?  Did you have a good time spending it with family or friends?  Hope you didn’t get too drunk (if you participate in that kind of activity)! has a writeup on the top pc games to play when you are drunk.  The Sims 2 makes that list, with them stating the following: in at number nine is Electronic Arts’ super-successful life simulator The Sims 2. When chemically inconvenienced, it is not uncommon to experience delusions of grandeur or fantasies. While hooking up with the hottest girl at the party or engaging in a threesome may be just out of your reach, playing God oddly enough isn’t. That’s where The Sims 2 comes in. Since controlling other people is one of the most intriguing activities to perform while sober, that means it’s at least ten times better when you’re drunk. As God and supreme overlord of your Sims, you’re guaranteed to have a blast making their lives absolutely miserable. Walling off the toilet, setting the house on fire, or forcing a Sim to have an eating disorder are just some of the simple things you can do. The Sims 2 sadly enough cannot be recommended for all drunk gamers. The game is far more suited for our female counterparts, the ones who enjoy accessorizing and shopping in particular.

So, anyone here ever played the game drunk?  What about other under influences?  While personally I don’t drink, do drugs, or any of that ‘wild’ stuff, I wonder if it truly does give you a different gameplay experience.  But I have no plans to ever try it out – and I’m not recommending it to anyone either!

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