I’ve been working on writing a few tutorials for the simmers that would like to prepare their machines to run The Sims 3.  The Sims 2 BBS became a little chaotic with everyone asking if their machines could run the game.  I’d like to lighten the load for all of the people those with questions out by creating tutorials.

Over the period of the next couple of weeks, I plan to write a guide on upgrading video cards, adding a new hard-drive, adding more memory to your desktop and laptop, and checking your system’s specs to see if you can run TS3.  These are going to take time, so please be patient 😀

I did manage to finish one tutorial today: How to defrag and clean up your Computer.  This guide will show you how to defrag your harddrive and clean up files on your machine.  You can check it out in our newly released Sims 3 Tutorials section.