Another Class Action Lawsuit pops up today (2 actually, but I posted about the Spore Creature Creator Demo last month), this time regarding The Sims 2:  Bon Voyage and other expansions.

Dianna Cortez of Missouri files a suit regarding SecuROM which is embedded on The Sims 2 Bon Voyage which led her to having issues with her PC and eventually had to re-format to correct it

After installing Bon Voyage, Ms. Cortez began having problems with her computer. She had previously made backup Sims 2 game content on CDs, but her computer’s disc drive would no longer recognize that content, reporting the CDs as empty. She could not access files that were saved on her USB flash drive or iPod, either…

In the suit, she goes on accusing EA of “unfair business practices” and states that it is “immoral, unethical, oppressive [and] unscrupulous...”

Again, no new news has occurred with the two past lawsuits – and who knows when they’ll get to court.  But I’m glad folks are starting to pile on the lawsuits.  I hope more will pop up with EA’s other games.

Source:  GamePolitics