A portion from the review:

MySims Kingdom is just the type of game I enjoy, with plenty of tasks and lots of places to explore. The characters are too cute, and their comments humorous. There are loads of things to collect, and the construction element is especially fun. Being able to decorate the inside of the house is cool. There are some things that could be added to make this an even better game, like more open-ended activities, some drawing or artistic activities, or some way to earn money. The camera view could also be zoomed out for a larger view of the screen, and it would be good to be able to tilt the viewpoint more. And, the price is a bit steep at $49, which is high for a game that could conceivably be played all the way through in a few weeks. Oh, and it needs some Christmas decorations, too (just had to throw that in, I think every game that lets you decorate should have Christmas decos).

GameZone gives the Wii version an 8