Markiem from the Sporums compilied just about all parts and paintings from the Spore Creepy & Cute pack for those who have yet to decide to purchase it. You can check out his thread at the official Spore forums or keep reading this post for what he has to say. I have to send out my congratulations to him for putting the effort into doing this and I gave many of his creations a thumbs up!

Hi everybody. There are people who aren’t sure if they want to buy this product, so in a fit of OCD, I have compiled the following images, which show all that the Creepy & Cute Parts Pack has to offer. I am only doing this to satisfy people’s curiosity, not as any endorsement of the product itself.

First of all… here are the mouth parts. There are four of each (carnivore, omnivore, and herbivore). I have included both a front and side view of each.

Next we have an image that includes all of the hands (I set them up as totem poles, and gave a front and back of each hand), the eyes, and all the detail parts.

Now we come to the feet. This image isn’t so great — I was running out of OCD energy. I have included a couple of different views of each.

Next we come to the various paint options. I used the same bright green to illustrate each of the 36 — I’m just at this moment realizing that the box says we get 48 new paint options… I’m not sure what I missed. I’ll come back and edit this at some point.

Anywho… here are the base paint options.

Here are the coat paint options.

Finally, here are the detail paint options:

Now, because I’m like that, I’ll show you my first two critters made with the new stuff:

And now… the animations — I broke it into two parts, to include both of the two new backgrounds: