SnootySims was one of the few sites that were able to attend the Sims 3 presentation in Europe. He compiled a pretty good list of new details as well as screens. Head on over their to read what he has to say.

Can you add roads in your neighborhood?
No, you can’t. There will be a Neighborhood creator available a few weeks after the game, but no details about that yet.

Will there be apartments/weather/etc?
No. Though most likely there will be some objects from each Sims 2 expansion, the big features from each pack will not be in Sims 3. So no weather, no universities, no businesses, no vacations, no… Well you get the point.

What are the system requirements?
You need a system a bit better then for Sims 2. But it shouldn’t be much of a problem to run the game on a somewhat slow system. Final system requirements will be posted very soon.

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