EA is tanking according to their latest financial report… What better time than for somebody to come in to purchase them and clean up their mess.  The Wall Street Journal is currently giving Disney’s CEO Robert Iger advice to make the deal happen.

WSJ notes two potential “win-wins.” First, the Disney-owned ESPN, which could benefit both the sports cable channel and the Madden NFL series. Second, WSJ argues that Disney could save at least some of the “$200 million it spends annually to develop its own games” at Disney Interactive Studios. The internal Disney studio currently works on properties like High School Musical and Tinkerbell.

Right now, EA’s marketing price is hovering around $7.7 billion, a huge decrease from a few years ago when they were around $19 billion.  Hey, if Disney  is anti-DRM and actually treat their consumers with respect, I’d say go for it.  But my gut feeling says this is not the case and if they do, you bet they’ll pull off a Sims 3 Hanna Montana Stuff Pack. 😛

Source:  Kotaku