Seems Maxis didn’t take a break this Thanksgiving holiday (either that or it was published a day or so earlier) as the official SimAnimals website received a makeover.  Not only that but it also full of new content, one being a new mini-game where you toss a bear around (I really sucked at this game with a score of 88 ft).

Another cool idea Maxis decided to implement is the Create-A-Wallpaper feature.  You Start off with selected a forest background then you fill it with animals and objects.  I’m happy with my current wallpaper so I didn’t feel the need to create one, but it’s not bad at all.  They created 7 wallpapers based around the game in case you don’t want to come up with one, find those below:

Features of SimAnimals

Engage with wild animals
Touch, move, and play with a forest full of animals including bears, squirrels, foxes, badgers, and owls! To journey deeper into the forest, you need to fulfill these animals’ basic needs. Earn your animals’ trust, and they’ll play with you; be mean to them, and they will fear you.

Explore the vast forest and make it your own
Embark on new adventures when you unlock forest areas including woodlands, swamps, or castle ruins. Move and pick up everything in your forest. Some plants grow better near water, and certain animals are healthier when close to particular food sources. The happier your animals and plants, the more places you’ll have to explore and discover new objects and animals!

Solve challenges
The animals need YOU in order to live happily in the forest. Help them gain access to food, move into your forest, clean polluted areas, and much more.

Survival of the fittest!
Find out who the troublemakers and the good guys are, and make sure they all get along … or not!

Discover secrets in the wild
More lies in the forest than what meets the eye. Uncover one-of-a-kind objects and animals, some with special abilities, by completing tasks.

Experience the forest with your friends (Wii™ only)
The forest, filled with exciting wildlife, is big enough for you and your pals. Play cooperatively with up to four players at the same time!

Touch everything in the world and more (Nintendo DS™ only)
Interact directly with the animals in their environment using your stylus, while your Nintendo DS microphone lets you become the wind. Blow into the mic to gather fruit from trees, spread blossoms, and to see what else happens!

Special thanks goes to SimDomination for the find!