I picked up Animal Crossing: City Folk the other day for the Nintendo Wii.  I’ve always been hooked on the AC franchise.  Sad to say though….they’ve yet to include an option to kill that evil racoon.  I swear…if you make me run errands for you in one more game I’m going to loot and trash your shop, Tom Nook!

On a sidenote, I couldn’t come up with a good town name so I opted with Simville.  First thing I had to do was shake some bells out from a tree and come up with a pro-design for my character’s cloths:

My newest addiction....Animal Crossing: City Folk for Wii

Sim’s plumbob design, oh yeah!  It looks better in the game.  The in-game picture snapshot tool sucks.  Even put the plumbob on my town’s flag!

If you have the game as well, drop me your friends code (both Wii and Animal Crossing) so you can visit Simville.

Jud’s Wii Code: 1699 7737 2054 0503

Jud’s Animal Crossing Friend Code: 1075 4375 0255