I has MySims PCWhile at Wal-Mart today I dropped by the games section and purchased a copy of MySims PC.  I’m installing it right now.  Doesn’t look like I’ll get a chance to play it tonight, but I’m eager too!

So what does this mean?  I need to get this site up-to-date to make it MySims friendly.  I’ll create a System Requirements page very shortly along with troubleshooting tips from the help file.  I’ll also check to see about putting together a tutorials section for it as well and consider creating a few tutorials.

Last but not least, the game allows you to build and share objects (package files similiar to TS2).  If I’m addicted to it, I could consider uploading my creations.

Oh, and once I familiarize myself with the game, expect a review.  If you already have the game, drop a post in the comments section letting me know your details to connect.  I should be registered in the game as “Judhudson@knology.net”, I’m not positive how the online system works.