For those of you who care (if you don’t feel free to ignore this post 🙂 ), I’ve been extremely busy for the past month repainting and remodeling my bedroom.  I’ve been stuck with a light blue room with blue carpet for around 14 years, and I thought it was finally time for change.  The room was a mess with crayon marks, tons of pin-holes from various posters and stuff hanging from the walls, and the disgusting old carpet.

Working on the room for over a month (with about 3 hours a day) due to work, I finally finished it this weekend.  The carpet folks came by last Thursday to put the finishing touches by laying down brand new carpet for my room.  Nice!  I spent the remainder of the weekend building new furniture and moving back in.  Check out the pics below for the results.  And yeah, I own a lot of junk – As you can see, my Sims collection is pretty big!