IGN PC: Spore’s been out a while now and there’s already an unbelievable amount of content available. Can you give us a brief overview of the galaxy and its varied populations? What’s the perception within Maxis and EA of the way the game has been received?

Caryl Shaw: The Spore Universe is off to an amazing start as we’ve just reached a huge milestone of more than 30 million creations made! When we launched Spore, the community had made 3 million creatures alone with the Spore Creature Creator, so it’s pretty impressive to see that number jump so high in just three weeks. Our players’ creations are not only a testament to how people have embraced the game, but how they’ve embraced their own creativity as well. From a 1950’s robot creature and a human skull spaceship to a swimming pool building — there’s some very cool stuff on in the Sporepedia at spore.com.

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