Ads on your tv, ads on the radio, and now ads in your 'The Sims 3' gameAdvertising….you got to love it.  Or do you?  We have to put up with ads everywhere we go – newspapers, television, radios…just very recently have they started to appear in video games.  Well, brace yourselves – your Sims will start to get real-life ads in The Sims 3.

EA is in the process of inking a deal with IGA (In-Game Ads) to include the latest ads for movies and products to be plastered around your town. Using an active internet connection, the ads will update themselves often to reflect current products on the market.

“Advertising is very organic to the ‘Sims 3’ experience,” said Steve Seabolt, VP-global brand development for the Sims label. Movie-theater posters and billboards will host ads, and EA will continue to integrate brands into the gameplay.

While I myself don’t mind, I know many folks will be upset.  I love to add realism to my game…but I completely understand those who strictly want to keep real-life products from overtaking your gaming experiences.

Source:  Advertising Age