Although the game has plenty of text, most of it is useless factoids and news, a desperate (and failed) attempt at a sense of humor. In-game advisors also pop up, but they too are mostly a distraction. Instead of dealing with serious business types or even helpful Mii characters from your library, you put up with stereotypical folks that would rather complain about the happenings in their own lives rather than helping you.

At least the presentation isn’t a waste. The boring music is probably best left muted, but the graphics look excellent on the Wii. Being able to zoom in and out of your city to check its finer details is nice. It’s just too bad that you have to struggle so much with the controls to do it.

Unless you’re a forgiving SimCity fan, you’ll want to leave Creator alone. Its twitchy gameplay and flawed multiplayer will leave you sulking in the sewer, rather than building your dreams.

GameDaily slaps the game with a bad rating of 5