The real problem here is the interface. Using the touch screen to plan your city should be a breeze, but it hasn’t been put to good use in Creator. The touch controls aren’t responsive at all; usually icons need to be tapped several times before the game reads your input. Scrolling around your map is jerky and sluggish. Getting info about your city is counterintuitive: your food stats display areas with enough food as yellow and no food as red — but all your food sources like hunting grounds and farms are red. Huh?

It’s also not a very pretty game. While buildings show some nice detail, the land, trees, and water are all bland and drab. The animation would be bad for a 16-bit SimCity. Your advisors have a look that is similar to the Sims in MySims and SimCity Creator Wii, but your residents look completely different. When you head down into your village to talk to the little people, you’ll see only generic, faceless outlines who provide little to no insight into their needs.

IGN gives the game a 6.0 score