I don’t understand EA. In my opinion, it’s as if they do their best to piss off gamers on purpose to lose money. Sometimes I wonder if the whole EA Board of Representatives superglued their heads up their butts…

What am I talking about, to be exact? No, not the dreaded DRM topic – or even piracy. It’s about the topic of using the official EA forums. If I were you, I’d be very careful to stay away from their forums as they have implemented a new policy to where if you’re banned in the forums, you’re banned in ALL of your online-related EA games with the same account.

According to a post at the official EA forums for Command & Conquer, C&C Community Manager Aaron Kaufman speaks to gamers:

“Your forum account will be directly tied to your Master EA Account, so if we ban you on the forums, you would be banned from the game as well since the login process is the same. And you’d actually be banned from your other EA games as well since its all tied to your account. So if you have SPORE and Red Alert 3 and you get yourself banned on our forums or in-game, well, your SPORE account would be banned to. It’s all one in the same, so I strongly recommend people play nice and act mature.”

“All in all, we expect people to come on here and abide by our ToS. We hate banning people, it makes our lives a lot tougher, but its what we have to do.

Those banned will stay banned, but like most other internet services, its not that hard to create a new fake e-mail account. However, its a lot harder to get a new serial key =)”

I’m sorry…but this is just ridiculous.  I can see the fact if you act like an ass in the forums, then you should be banned from there…but from locking you out from playing all of the online-based EA games that you own?  That’s gone overboard.  Not to mention, how easy it would be to have an over-zealous mod come in and ban you for a post that they see unfit – even if it is well within terms of their policy.

And another thing…I don’t know if I’m correct on this, but if you create inappropriate custom content (or any content for that matter that someone doesn’t agree with and clicks “report”) and get banned, the same rules will most likely apply.

Kotaku, the source of this article plans to reach contact with EA on more information on this topic.